Toddler Health

For a toddler, every day is a new adventure — and constant motion is often the name of the game. That’s why child safety is a prime toddler health concern. Take simple precautions to prevent falls, burns and other household mishaps.

For many parents, a toddler’s limited vocabulary can lead to other toddler health concerns — such as temper tantrums. Learn why tantrums happen, and what you can do to encourage good behavior.

Toddler health is also marked by important milestones, such as potty training. Know when it’s time to begin potty training — and, if your child resists, when it’s time to temporarily call it quits.

As always, your child’s doctor is a great resource for questions about toddler health. Understand what to expect from your toddler, and which toddler health concerns deserve special attention.

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